We have leadership roles in place for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) who sit on our Board to ensure it is championed at the highest levels, including our Equalities Senior Responsible Officer (SRO).

These and other leaders focus on equalities related to our staff and their experiences in the workplace and the services we plan and fund for the south east London population.

Equalities Sub-Committee

Our Equalities Committee has been established to support South East London Integrated Care Board make demonstrable improvements in EDI for the organisation’s staff, as well as for people and communities affected by the activities of the ICB.

The sub-committee has broad membership across the organisation including: planning, engagement, human resources, organisational development, Healthwatch and representatives from each of our six boroughs (or ‘Places’), and is chaired by our Equalities SRO.

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Engagement Assurance Committee

The Engagement Assurance Committee (EAC) provides advice and assurance on our approach to working with people and communities. It is chaired by the Clinical and Care Professional Lead for patient and public engagement. Membership also includes Healthwatch, the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief of Staff and two public members from each borough in south east London.

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