Who we are

Community pharmacy is an integral part of the South East London ICS, providing a wealth of care on the high street and helping towards improving health outcomes for residents across south east London.

Our well-established pharmacy leadership group encompasses community pharmacy, combined with a national pharmacy contract.

What we do

Community Pharmacy is becoming increasingly important service for helping to prevent ill health and identifying people within communities who are putting their health at risk.

We provide access to key health services including vaccinations, blood pressure checks, and smoking cessation, and we are moving towards increasing our capacity to provide even more physical and mental health screening services, self-care, and medicines adherence support.

How we are developing community pharmacy

By working more closely with established networks — including the local SE London health and wellbeing champion service — and services, such as blood pressure checks, post-discharge stop smoking services, and weight management services, pharmacies can lead the way in helping our population stay healthy and help identify disease earlier.

The GP-Community Pharmacy Consultation Service, in which GPs refer patients to pharmacies for minor ailments, is undertaking more and more appointments on behalf of GPs per month across south east London.  We aim to increase this further by strengthening our community pharmacy leadership year on year.

Our growing, robust community pharmacy infrastructure across south east London, will bring further integration with Primary Care Network (PCN).

Community pharmacy leadership programme

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