Are systems set up to meet the health needs of future generations? A conversation on how the NHS can better engage with citizens and communities

08 Feb 2024

Is enough currently being done to create an active relationship between citizens and the NHS, so that we can act on the social determinants of health to ensure the needs of future generations are met?

Jacob Lant (Chief Executive of National Voices) chaired a conversation to tackle these questions at the ICS Network’s conference in November 2023 with:

  • Haris Sultan (NExT Director programme and member West Yorkshire ICB)
  • Oliver Coppard (Mayor, South Yorkshire)
  • Leanora Volpe (Anchor Programme Lead, here at South East London ICS)
  • Marsha McAdam (Service User Representative and Vice-Chair, Mental Health Network)

By identifying positive trends and suggestions for improvement, Lant focuses on finding proactive actions that can be taken to engage with communities and work together to implement the necessary changes.

In this episode of Matthew Taylor’s (CEO of NHS Confederation) ‘Health on the Line’ podcast, the guests delve into why – and how – the relationship between the NHS, citizens and communities needs to change if we want to develop sustainable and long-lasting health systems.

Find out more, and listen to the podcast episode on the NHS Confederation website.