The engagement toolkit has been developed by the ICS to support all staff undertaking engagement work and projects across south east London. It sits alongside the ICS working with people and communities strategic framework.

When you are planning your engagement, consider what local people and communities have already told us.

You will also need to undertake an Equality Analysis (EA)  to identify the potential impact the proposals you are engaging and developing with local people have and how they help address health inequalities.  The initial EA will also help inform which communities you need to engage with.   You can read the ICB Equality Analysis Toolkit here.

Download toolkit

This guide will help you understand:

  • The ICS ambition for working with local people and communities
  • Your responsibilities around engagement
  • When, how and who to engage with, to get the most out of your engagement work
  • Examples of how to use different methods for engagement
  • The support available to you – from the ICS engagement team, wider resources and training

For more information please contact the engagement team.