What is personalised care?

Personalised care is about you having more choice and control around the support you receive to live a healthy and comfortable life. Your care is based on ‘what matters’ to you and your individual needs, skills and interests.

Practitioners will work with you, and those close to you, to decide what you need to achieve a good life. Choice plays a big factor in everyday life, and that should be no different when it comes to decisions about the support you receive. You are supported to understand the options and work together to make decisions about what will help you to manage your health and wellbeing.

You are seen as a whole person, which means that the help you receive to live a healthy and independent life, may extend beyond healthcare alone.

Easy-read information about personalised care here.

whole person support what hasnt worked we're individuals choices i feel empowered independence independance i have choices sharing decisions help to be independent we don't fit in boxes seeing the whole person my strengths and needs holistic care holistic empowerment respect listening help to make decisions support to make decisions choice i feel independant being involved what the person needs person-centred i make decisions access to my plan expert in own experience clear information person at the centre life is comfortable not having to repeat my needs skills interests i am given time having a plan whats important to me whole person managing my health choice and control control community support what matters to me joined up working time working together person centred not one size fits all kindness and respect everyone is different at the centre of my care knowing whats available involve the right people being independent told the truth help to help myself all aspects of health flexibility going to bed when i want i am informed joined up support listening to me collaborative approach having choices respect my views explaining things living my best life i feel listened to knowing my options we are different right time and place expert in my experience we are not the same

What is good personalised care?

People say:

  • I feel listened to and respected.
  • I receive information about my health and support, in a way that is clear to me.
  • I understand my choices and work with practitioners and those close to me to make decisions.
  • I am seen as a whole person, with goals, skills and interests. Some of the things I need may extend beyond healthcare alone.
  • I feel more in control of my own health and wellbeing, helping me to live my best life.

Practitioners and services say:

  • We listen to what matters to you.
  • We make sure that you (and those close to you) are involved in decisions about your care and support.
  • We set dates to review your support and review your plans as and when it is necessary.
  • We discuss the options available to you, including any benefits and risks so you can make informed decisions.
  • We equip you with information and skills to help you to manage your health and wellbeing.

Making personalised care the norm in South East London

If you are a practitioner in South East London and would like to learn more about delivering personalised care, you can visit the training hub for information and training resources. You can also contact the personalised care team at personalised.care@selondonics.nhs.uk.

In South East London, we are working towards people having more choice, control and flexibility around their care and support. If you feel the support you are receiving could be more personalised to your needs, talk to a member of staff from the service that is supporting you. If you are receiving support in hospital, you can also contact the Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS). If you would like to share feedback or make a complaint about the support you have received, you can visit the SEL ICS ‘contact us’ page.

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