Dr Jhumur Moir

Lead for Long Term Conditions including Diabetes and Obesity, CVD

My journey

I was appointed to this role in 2022 but previously have been Bexley GP diabetes lead for nearly 10 years. During that time I contributed to the development of the BGL diabetes guidelines and  worked with CCG staff on service redesign and a business case, looking at ways of supporting Bexley GPs to continue the exceptional work we do in diabetes care. I have (and continue to) chaired the diabetes programme board meetings, the BGL diabetes meetings , Bexley Council, Diabetes patient representatives and secondary care leads. I have taken no sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies for this role.

As a result we have received more funding leading to a housebound patient visiting team for LTC reviews, 4 DSNs for Bexley, a diabetes dietician for the first time ever and we are recruiting for a diabetes consultant to support the community. We also have promoted the Eclipse system to replace the previous diabetes audits as requested by GPs.

Future work will focus on reducing inequalities in care and the wider problem of obesity which is obviously tied into diabetes,

Outside of this role I have a good experience of working with the CCG/ICB and representing GPs, having been Clocktower Locality Lead for several years, Primary Care Development Group member, ICT steering group member.

I am also a Partner at the Westwood Surgery in Clocktower PCN, a GP Trainer on the Bexley VTS, GP Appraiser and Mentor and Bexley LMC member. I have worked in Bexley for nearly 15 years and in fact was born and raised here.

I am honest and passionate about working as a GP in the NHS, even in these difficult times. I am pragmatic and like to steer ideas in more practical directions. I enjoy working in a team, drawing together all the ideas from around a table to develop a plan to help provide care for the patients of Bexley and support Primary Care in the process.