Cervical cancer screening

We know there are lots of things that could be stopping you from having your cervical screening.  Pain, worry, first time being screened and even sexual abuse. But screening can save lives. It could save your life.

Sometimes just talking through the screening with the nurse can help. If you haven’t had cervical screening before, are a virgin or simply want more information, the nurses can advise, answer your questions, and reassure you. If you think this would help, book an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss your worries. Afterwards, if you feel ready, they can do your screening test for you. If you do not want it, that is okay too.

Read our Cervical Screening in Bromley leaflet for more information.  It has lots of useful information including some top tips to help you prepare for your screening.

When am I due my cervical screening and how will I be notified?

If you have a cervix and are aged between 25 and 64, then you are eligible for cervical screening. If you are registered as female with a GP, you will automatically receive an invitation when you are due.

Make sure your GP practice has your current address.

If you think you are due and haven’t received a letter, or have missed an appointment, give your GP a call to check. If you have missed your last screening test, you do not have to wait for another
letter to book.

Under 25 Up to 6 months before you turn 25
25 to 49 Every 3 years
50 to 64 Every 5 years
65 or older Only if 1 of your last 3 tests was abnormal

Timelines may change if you have an abnormal result from screening

Top tips to get your through your screening 

Over 75% of eligible people have their cervical screening in Bromley.  However, we need to make sure everyone is protected.

Our Cervical Screening in Bromley leaflet provides lots of good tips about booking your screening appointment, preparing for it and how to get through it.  Most importantly – a reminder to reward yourself afterwards – you deserve it!