Are you currently in school or college and considering a career in health and care? One Bromley recognise the importance of ensuring that young people have an understanding of the different careers in health and care and what they entail. Please find out more about our ongoing programmes to support young people below-

One Bromley Cadets 

The One Bromley Cadets programme, established in 2022, aims to provide young people with a wider understanding of a range of Health and Care careers in Bromley and to improve their potential career prospects. The programme is open to 16-19 year olds in Bromley who are interested in a career in health and care. Sessions are held for up to 2 hours after school and provide careers advice, tips on CV writing/job applications and the opportunity for first hand immersive experiences in a variety of Bromley services. This includes community, primary care, and hospital services.

Since its launch we have run the programme a number of times and it has received excellent feedback from both students and their teachers.

If you are aged 16-19 years old and interested in taking part, please ask your school’s careers advisor to get in touch with us.