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Thanks so much for letting us know you’ve had your flu vaccine this year.

As you may know, the flu vaccine also helps protect people from developing complications related to flu, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and lung failure.

Why not tell your friend and family you’ve had the flu vaccine and let them know why it’s so important to get the flu vaccine every year.

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Why flu vaccination is important

  • Flu vaccination is important because, while flu is unpleasant for most people, it can be dangerous and even life threatening for some people, particularly those with certain health conditions.
  • The best time to have your flu jab is in the autumn or early winter before flu starts spreading. But you can get your flu jab later too.

Who can have the flu vaccine?

The flu jab is given free on the NHS to adults who:

  • are 50 and over (including those who will be 50 by 31 March 2023)
  • have certain health conditions
  • are pregnant
  • are in long-stay residential care
  • receive a carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick
  • live with someone who is more likely to get a severe infection due to a weakened immune system, such as someone living with HIV, someone who has had a transplant, or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis

Where to get the flu vaccine

You can have the NHS flu jab at:

  • your GP surgery
  • a pharmacy offering the service – if you’re aged 18 or over
  • some maternity services if you’re pregnant

Sometimes, you might be offered the flu jab at a hospital appointment.

If you have a flu vaccine at any NHS service except your GP surgery, you do not have to tell the surgery to update your records. This will be done for you. If you’ve been given a flu vaccine privately, or through an occupational health scheme, you can tell your GP surgery if you would like it added to your NHS record