Learning Disability and Autism Big Health Week 7-11 November 2022

Come join the Learning Disability and Autism Big Health Week from Monday 7 November to Friday 11 November 2022.

19 Oct 2022
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Previous events were a great success, with more than 700 attendances across several sessions.

We’re looking forward to this year’s event, and as usual, the occasion will provide lots of great information on:

– Annual health checks

– Looking after your mental health

– Cancer awareness

– Healthy relationships

And just like last year, there will be plenty of fun activities including:

– Dance classes

– Fun quiz

To view the sessions that we’re hosting, please view the full programme here.

Register to attend the events here.

Venues: Access here the information on how to get there!

For more information contact the organisers on: HA@advocacyforall.org.uk or 07548 740 224.