Voting is now open to name Bermondsey and Walworth’s new NHS health centre.

NHS South East London received suggestions from NHS staff and local people, telling us what they think the health centre should be called.

A shortlist of three names has been drawn up by a judging panel, which included NHS staff, Council staff and patient representatives.

Now we want local people to pick their favourite. You can vote here.

The proposed names are:


George and Innes Health Centre

George Scott Williamson (1884–1953) and Innes Hope Pearse (1889–1978) opened the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham in 1926. This was known as the Peckham Experiment. An experiment designed to determine whether people as a whole would, given the opportunity, take a vested interest in their own health and fitness and expend effort to maintain it. The experiment took place between 1926 and 1950 before the innovative approach to preventative social medicine closed from a lack of funding.

Harold Moody Health Centre

Dr Harold Moody (1882 – 1947) was a Peckham GP and civil rights campaigner. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Dr Moody studied medicine at King’s College Hospital – finishing top of his class. Refused work because of the colour of his skin, he set up his own GP surgery in King’s Grove in Peckham and founded the League of Coloured Peoples, to campaign for racial equality. He is named on the list of ‘100 Great Black Britons’.

Thurlow Health Centre

Named after the road which the centre will be on. Thurlow road runs from north to south; from the junction with the vibrant East Street in the north to the northern edge of Burgess Park in the south and has predominantly residential premises along its length. The word Thurlow comes from a family who came to England with the Norman invasion and set up land in Suffolk, now known as the village Thurlow.

Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 29 July.


James Lowell, Place Executive Director (Southwark), NHS South East London said: “Local people are at the heart of the new health centre and we were delighted to welcome so many suggestions for the centre’s permanent name from patients and staff.

“Our judging panel assessed each entry very carefully and we think the final shortlist reflects the public feedback. It includes local historical figures and names that represent the new health centre’s community and surroundings.

“We now want to hear from you – pick your favourite!”

You can also vote at a local surgery. 310 East Street Surgery and Aylesbury Health Centre have voting slips and boxes for you to select your favourite.

Please remember to include your full name, email address and/or phone number, and post code. Entries without this information will not be counted.

The final name must be approved by London Fire Brigade.