NHS pharmacies in south east London now treating people for seven more common conditions, without the need for GP appointment

31 Jan 2024

South east London communities will be able to get treatment for seven common conditions at their high street pharmacy from today without needing to see a GP, as part of a major transformation designed to make it easier and more convenient for people to access care.

Highly trained pharmacists will be able to assess and treat patients for sinusitis, sore throat, earache, infected insect bite, impetigo, shingles, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women (under the age of 65) without the need for a GP appointment or prescription.

The major expansion of pharmacy services will give communities more choice in where and how they access care, aiming to free up GP appointments for those who need them most.

Community pharmacies already play a vital role in keeping their local communities healthy and well. This includes providing life-saving blood pressure checks given to at-risk patients, which help to prevent heart attacks and strokes. You can find a pharmacy that offers free blood pressure checks on the NHS website.

Many community pharmacies have also signed up to offer women oral contraception without them needing to see their GP first. You can also find a pharmacy that offers the contraceptive service on theĀ NHS website.