NHS South East London takes charge of primary care services

31 Mar 2023
NHS South East London

From 1 April 2023, NHS South East London will be responsible for the commissioning and management of pharmacy, optometry, and dental services in South East London.

These changes come into force under the Health and Social Care Act 2022, which establishes NHS South East London and other ICBs on a statutory basis and gives them greater responsibility for the commissioning and management of primary care health and social care services.

We have been working in close partnership with NHS England to ensure a smooth transition, by transferring the current team to North East London ICB to work on behalf of all London ICBs and do not anticipate any disruption to health and care services for our residents.

These changes will enable NHS South East London to be able to better plan and oversee the delivery of primary care services that meet the needs of our local populations.