Our Joint Forward Plan

After a period of consultation on the draft we published in April, the final version of our first Joint Forward Plan is available now.

30 Jun 2023
NHS South East London

What is the Joint Forward Plan?

Our Integrated Care Board Joint Forward Plan sets out our medium term objectives and plans, at both a borough level and from the perspective of our key care pathways and enablers, to ensure that we are developing a service offer to residents that:

  • Meets the needs of our population
  • Demonstrates and makes tangible progress in addressing the core purpose of our wider integrated care system – improving outcomes in health and healthcare, tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access, enhancing productivity and value for money and helping the NHS support broader social and economic development
  • Delivers national Long Term Plan and wider priorities, all of which resonate from a SEL population health perspective
  • Meets the statutory requirements of our Integrated Care Board

Our Joint Forward Plan provides the following:

  • A strategic overview of our key priorities and objectives for the medium term.
  • A high level summary of the short term actions that we will take, working with partners, to ensure the key milestones that support us in meeting these medium term objectives are secured, with further underpinning detail included in our 2023/24 and subsequent operational plans.

You can read the plan here.