A new service will launch in August 2024 to provide greater community support for people with sickle cell disorder in South East London. This will help people of all ages with their physical, mental, and social needs.

What’s included in the new community service?

  • More nurses: There will be more specialist nurses available for both children and adults with sickle cell. These nurses will work with local NHS trusts.
  • Wider support team: Patients will have access to community-based dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and pharmacists who can help manage your condition.
  • Help with everyday life: The service can offer welfare advice and support on benefits and legal matters.
  • Peer support: Young people with sickle cell can connect with others who understand what they’re going through, through the Sickle Cell Society.
  • Education and information: There will be new resources to help patients, schools, workplaces, and healthcare professionals learn more about sickle cell disorder.