In partnership with the Sickle Cell Society, we have launched a peer mentoring programme for young people aged 10-24 with sickle cell disorder.  This is a great way to connect with someone who understands what these patients are going through and can offer advice on:

  • Managing the condition
  • Moving from child to adult services
  • Getting involved in the community

Learn more how our peer support programme can connect you with someone who understands.

Who can get involved?

Young people: If you have sickle cell disorder and are aged 10-24, live in London, and see a London doctor and specialist, you may be eligible. Your parent or care team can refer you to the programme through the online form.

Mentors: If you’d like to support a young person with sickle cell disorder, our information sheet has more details.


For more information about the mentoring programme, you can email