Getting the right care during a sickle cell crisis can be vital.  Here in London, we’re making it easier for healthcare professionals to access your personal care plan, no matter where you are in the capital.

What is a Universal Care Plan (UCP)?

A UCP is a digital tool that lets you and your doctor create a personalised plan for your sickle cell care.  This plan includes information about your specific needs and how to manage your pain during a crisis.

How does this help with sickle cell care?

With a UCP, doctors, nurses, and paramedics across London can easily access your care plan.  This means they can make faster and better decisions about your care, especially during an emergency.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything!  Your sickle cell team will take care of transferring your existing plan to the UCP and updating it with you.

Learn more

Patients: Find out more in the patient flyer and visit the UCP website.

Healthcare professionals: Get trained on the UCP through the UCP website, NHS Learning Hub, and the UCP training YouTube video for sickle cell.