Making sickle cell care better

Sickle cell disorder can be a very challenging condition to live with. Here in South East London, we’re working hard to improve the care available for everyone with sickle cell. Our work is part of a wider initiative across the capital, the London Sickle Cell Improvement Programme.

Why we are making changes

Sadly, a 21-year-old man named Evan Nathan Smith died in a hospital in 2021. An investigation found that he didn’t receive the best care because of a lack of understanding about sickle cell disorder. Some people living with sickle cell disorder have lost trust in the healthcare system, making them uneasy about seeking care. They fear poor treatment by healthcare staff and their lack of sickle cell knowledge. We want to make sure that what happened to Evan Nathan Smith never happens again, and that people with sickle cell have confidence in the people who treat them.

London Sickle Cell Improvement Programme

The London Sickle Cell Improvement Programme is making changes across the NHS in London. This includes:

  • Joining up patient information: We’re creating a digital care plan that doctors and nurses across London can access. This will mean they have all the information they need to give you the best possible care.
  • More support in the community: We want to make sure you have the help you need closer to home, so you don’t always have to go to hospital.
  • Helping hospitals and emergency care: We’re working with hospitals and emergency departments to improve the care they give to people with sickle cell disorder.

Find out more about what the programme is aiming to do in the London Sickle Cell Improvement Programme infographic.

What this means for patients

These changes should mean:

  • Better care from doctors and nurses who understand sickle cell disorder
  • Easier access to the support you need
  • More confidence in the care you receive

Find more information on the infographic ‘Why the London Sickle Cell Improvement Programme was set up’.