Please note patient identifiable information will not be collected, used or stored by South East London ICB

If you are registered with a South East London ICB GP practice and are aged 18 years or over, you are now able to refer yourself to the age-related hearing loss service without the need for a GP referral.

What is self-referral?

Self-referral is a direct route to community hearing loss services for hearing assessment and the possible provision of NHS funded hearing aids.

Self-referral means that you do not have to see your GP first.

Am I eligible?

This service is for people who are experiencing hearing difficulty as a result of normal ageing.  In order to use this self-referral service, you must be aged 18 years or over and registered with a GP practice in South East London ICB.

EAR WAX REMOVAL – Self-referral guidance does not apply to ear wax removal. You will need to speak to your practice for the appropriate management advice or referral.

If you are eligible to self-refer and wish to do so, please answer a few question here. Please note that you can only self-referral to one of the community adult audiology providers listed at the end of the form.

Click here to access the self-referral form