Population Health Management – our community of practice

21 Nov 2023

We recently held the second meeting of the south east London population health management (PHM) community of practice. These meetings – to be held every two months – are open to anyone who is interested in PHM, and how we are applying it in south east London. The aim is to grow our shared understanding of the potential and practice of PHM, to look at real-world examples of PHM in use, and encourage and enable more people to use it in their work.

At this second meeting, we heard from colleagues at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust about PHM projects, including how they are using data-driven insight to reduce the numbers of missed appointments (an issue for both patients and the NHS). We will publish a full case study on our website soon.

PHM involves using data we hold about our patients and communities and their health requirements to plan how we deliver the best, tailored care for our local population. Its applications range from the personal, to the population level. For more information, and to join the next community of practice meeting in January, see Population Health Management – South East London ICS (selondonics.org)