Potential change of control of AT Medics Ltd

06 Dec 2023
NHS South East London

NHS South East London has been notified of a potential change of control of AT Medics Ltd. AT Medics Ltd provides general practice care to patients across south east London.

Whilst no change has taken place yet we would like to explain the process and to reassure you, your constituents and patients of the steps we will be taking to ensure that the proposed change, if approved, will not adversely affect the GP practices.

What is happening?

AT Medics Ltd holds seven Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contracts in south east London. AT Medics Ltd is part of the Operose Health Group which holds a number of other contracts in London and elsewhere in England. The practices in south east London are:

  • Edith Cavell Practice
  • Falmouth Road Group Practice
  • Queens Road Surgery
  • Silverlock Medical Centre
  • Streatham High Practice
  • Thamesmead Health Centre
  • The Lister Practice

AT Medics Ltd was set up by GPs in 2004 and is a large provider of general practice services. It was acquired by Operose Health Ltd in 2021 who are ultimately owned by Centene Corporation.

AT Medics Ltd recently wrote to us to seek the ICB’s consent to a change of control.

AT Medics Ltd have informed us that:

  • The change of control arises as a result of a proposed change in ownership of Operose Health Ltd, which owns AT Medics Ltd through a holding company.
  • It is intended that the ownership of Operose Health Ltd will transfer from the current owner, MH Services International (UK) Ltd, to “T20 Osprey Midco Limited (“HCRG Care Group”)”.

What it means for patients

All GP practices work under contract to the NHS and whether owned by GPs or other organisations they must be able to meet strict standards and regulations that apply to all NHS providers.

As previously, the contract will continue to be held by AT Medics Ltd and they will continue to be responsible for providing the primary care services. As part of our assurance process, we will be seeking assurance that patients will be able to continue to access the same services from the same locations as they do now.

If there is a change of control, please be assured that there will be no change to:

  • the legal entity holding the APMS contracts (AT Medics Ltd);
  • the APMS contracts themselves;
  • the services AT Medics Ltd are required to provide, including locations, opening hours and service standards (including in respect of access and staffing).

Our responsibilities

As a commissioner of health services, it is NHS South East London’s role to ensure the provision of high quality, safe services for local people. In addition, all health service providers are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission to ensure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.

Under the terms of the APMS contract, before undergoing a change of control the contract holder must first obtain our consent.

NHS South East London will carry out a due diligence process to check that the proposed new owner of Operose Health Ltd is of good standing. We will also seek assurance that the change of control would not affect service provision and that patients would not see any difference in their GP practice, so that patients will still access care in the same way and continue to see the same practice teams.

When considering whether to consent to the change of control, we will assess the proposal carefully and consider whether it is necessary to seek any additional assurances.

That decision will be made via the south east London Local Care Partnerships which will meet in public to take the decision. Members of the public will be able to attend and observe proceedings. We will publicise when the meeting occurs and interested members of the public will be able to submit comments and questions in advance of the meeting.

Next steps

Following the formal request for a change of control we will take steps to let AT Medics Ltd practice patients know about the change of control and answer the questions that they have. This will include a NHS South East London wide webinar.

If you have any questions please email:

Greenwich: greenwich.primarycare@selondonics.nhs.uk
Lambeth: lambeth.primarycare@selondonics.nhs.uk
Southwark: Southwark.cbcteam@selondonics.nhs.uk