Service to tackle irregular heart rhythms in Lewisham

07 May 2024

The Lewisham Community Opportunistic Detection of Irregular Heart Rhythm (CODI-HR) service is now live and is being piloted across seven pharmacy sites in Lewisham.

Around 1.1 – 1.6% residents in Lewisham are undiagnosed with irregular heart rhythm and if this remains undetected it can lead to serious health issues. The service therefore aims to detect irregular heart rhythm, educate residents on irregular pulse and signpost potentially affected patients to seek further help.

The sites are Lewis Grove Pharmacy, SE13; Perry Vale Pharmacy, SE23; Sheel Pharmacy SE13; Cheltenham Chemist, SE4, Woodlands Pharmacy SE13; Grove Park Pharmacy, SE12; Gokul Pharmacy, SE12.

If the resident’s local chemist is one of the eight community pharmacies signed up to Phase 1 of the pilot, then they may be offered a test when they next visit their pharmacy if they meet the inclusion criteria (i.e. over 65 years old, no previous diagnosis of irregular heart rhythm, not on any anticoagulant medication). In some instances, residents may be offered the test outside of the inclusion criteria. For patients, who do not have a pharmacy nearby offering the test in Phase 1, opportunities for testing will soon be available via their local GP, community hub locations and at events such as the Downham Celebrates Festival on 17 June. For patients who cannot access a mobile phone, advise will be offered on where a test can be obtained. If an irregular hearth rhythm is detected, then a referral is made to the patient’s GP.