Share your views on cervical screening in Bromley

The most effective method of preventing cervical cancer is by attending your cervical screening test when it is due.

24 Mar 2023

One Bromley health and care partners wants to improve the number of eligible patients attending their cervical screening (smear test) and make their experience as easy and comfortable as possible. To do this, they want to hear from eligible Bromley residents on their cervical screening experiences and barriers they may be experiencing. Cervical screening is a free test that can help prevent cervical cancer.

Dr Sophie Hallam, One Bromley Clinical Lead, says: “If you live in Bromley and are a woman or person with a cervix aged 25 to 64, please complete our short survey and share your views with us. The survey is available in a number of different languages and will take only a few minutes to complete. Your answers will be anonymous but will provide us with invaluable insight into your experiences. Please complete the Bromley cervical screen survey, which is open until 30 April. Please share the survey with any friends or family members that live in Bromley too.”

Complete the screen survey here

Cervical screening involves taking a small sample of cells from your cervix (the opening to your womb from your vagina) to check for certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) known as high risk HPV. If you have high risk HPV, the test will then check for abnormal cells which, if left untreated, could develop into cancer.

Cervical screening timeline

  • Under 25

    When you are invited:

    up to 6 months before you turn 25

  • 25 to 49

    When you are invited:

    Every 3 years

  • 50 to 64

    When you are invited:

    Every 5 years

  • 65 or older

    When you are invited:

    Only if 1 of your last 3 tests was abnormal

If you receive an abnormal screening result, the above time frames will change.

For further information, please visit the NHS website or the Jo’s cervical cancer trust.