Success for healthy living in Bromley

18 Apr 2023

MyTime Active has won a prestigious London Sports Award for their extensive Active Lifestyles programme which helps people with health conditions increase physical activity levels and improve their wellbeing.  The programme includes exercise referral schemes.

MyTime Active is contracted to deliver Exercise Referral Services for Bromley residents.  This involves group programmes and gym based physical activity for Cardiac Rehabilitation (The Heartsmart Programme) and Cardiac Prevention (the Fresh Start programme).  The Heartsmart programme is designed for people who have been diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and the Fresh Start programme is for those with a medical condition that increases their risk of CVD.

Both programmes offer 12 supervised exercise sessions to help increase physical activity and improve health and wellbeing.  After these finish individuals are signposted to a range of appropriate activities to help them keep  moving and managing their condition.

65% of participants saw a significant improvement in their health and wellbeing scores, and 60% achieved or exceeded physical activity guidelines.

Feedback on the programmes are extremely positive.  “The HeartSmart programme is without doubt the finest scheme ever envisaged. My Tuesday afternoons are an absolute joy.”  “Seldom during my life have I been inspired to participate in any physical exercise. I must say HeartSmart not only inspires me but makes physical exercise enjoyable. A hearty thank you to all concerned.”

The London Sport Awards celebrate organisations, companies, charities, volunteers and individuals who have gone above and beyond to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of Londoners through sport and physical activity.   More information is available on the website.