Taking steps to reduce health inequalities

12 Feb 2023
Health inequalities
NHS South East London

This is Race Equality Week. We know that, for many years, people from Black African and Black Caribbean communities have poorer access, experiences and outcomes from mental health services. The Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework aims to change this and we are pleased at Oxleas to be an early adopter of this scheme. The framework provides a collaborative approach to achieving anti-racism and equity for minority communities; and improve their experiences of care in mental health services. More information is available at NHS England ยป Advancing mental health equalities

Our work in this area is being led by Taf Marapara, Lead for PCREF and Service User Health Inequalities. He will be discussing with teams across the trust how we can make real improvements to address this across all our services. Part of the Oxleas overall strategic aim is to reduce inequalities across the trust for service users, carers and staff. The programme will be broad but one of the first areas to improve is making sure equality data (related to ethnicity and other protected characteristics) about our service users, carers and staff is recorded.

More information on our strategy is available at: Our strategy – Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust