What is the Integrated Care Partnership
and Integrated Care Board?

Two new senior leadership groups – an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)
and an Integrated Care Board (ICB) – will be established to oversee the
South East London Integrated Care System.

Integrated Care Partnership
The ICP will provide a forum for NHS leaders and local authorities to come together, as equal partners, with important stakeholders from across the system and community. Together, the ICP will generate an integrated care strategy to improve health and care outcomes and experiences for local people, for which all partners will be accountable.

Integrated Care Board
The ICB will oversee the work of the ICS NHS body and make decisions on allocating resources and planning services. The ICB will drive the four main functions of the ICS (to improve outcomes, tackle inequalities, enhance productivity and support social and economic development) through partnership, underpinned by principles of engagement, participation, subsidiarity, delegation and facilitation. Ultimately, the ICB engages, convenes, understands, delegates and enables improvement.