Based on staff and service user feedback the following values were expressed as important to providing an integrated, personalised approach.

These values will help staff feel valued and respected for the contribution they make and help improve the service users experience on a day to day basis.

Person centred approach

  • Be empathetic, kind, caring and trustworthy;
  • Be knowledgeable about local services putting the patient/service user needs at the centre;
  • Recognise there may be barriers to accessing services and identify opportunities to overcome them;
  • Put co-production at the heart of care and support plans and build relationships;
  • Ensure you adopt a personalised approach to each patient/service user;
  • Be inclusive and respectful -do not judge or discriminate (look beyond the diagnosis);
  • Be courageous in your approach and empowered

Flexible, methodical and trustworthy

  • Be flexible in your approach to the person, the work agenda, your colleagues and partner organisations;
  • Be a navigator/enabler and bridge the gap for service users, family and carers accessing services;
  • Be well organised but work at the individual’s pace and be patient;
  • Be honest, open/transparent and supportive in your approach;
  • Act appropriately and understand your personal and professional boundaries;

Working in community mental health services