Working with local organisations to improve antenatal health

14 Apr 2023

South East London Integrated Care System (SEL ICS) Perinatal Pelvic Health Service partnered with local organisation Fivexmore, who were part of the implementation group for pelvic health services before the launch, for their April Advocacy month to collaborate on a social media campaign to promote self-advocacy and systems advocacy in a number of different ways.

The campaign falls in line with the south east (SE) Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) equality and equity engagement plan which recognises the inequity in the provision and outcomes of maternity care. The disparities in experiences and poorer maternity outcomes for women and birthing people from Black, Asian and ethnic minorities, those living in deprivation and people with other protected characteristics compared to their white counterparts or those from the most socially advantaged groups is quite stark.

Increasing equity across the system is a priority for the SEL LMNS. The equality and equity action plan will set out the key deliverables from NHS England guidance and local needs, as well as the actions that we will take to address issues.

Monica Franklin (RM), Senior Project Manager, Perinatal Pelvic Health Service said:

Working with local organisations who have the relationships with the communities we want to reach makes absolute sense, if we want to achieve our goal of reducing inequalities in maternity services.

Fivexmore is a grassroots organisation committed to changing Black women and birthing people’s maternal health outcomes in the UK.

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