Working with South Asian Community Groups

The Yog Foundation

11 Jul 2024
South Asian Heritage Month

We work closely with community groups who help us to engage with the South Asian community and share details of health initiatives and support.

One such group is the Yog Foundation who bring together the local British Hindu, British Indian and wider Bexley communities to improve mental and physical wellbeing for all. Their work has included reaching out to gurdwaras to educate the Sikh community and share resources on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

A recent health and wellbeing seminar run by the Yog Foundation helped South Asian residents discover healthier ways of living.

Attendees gained knowledge on a wide range of topics including:

  • Health check-up: blood pressure, glucose levels and BMI
  • Practical Nutrition Workshop
  • The risk of diabetes and how to prevent and/or control it
  • Mental Health Awareness – addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and dementia.
  • Coping with uncertainty of Covid-19

You can find out more about the Yog Foundation on their website.