HSJ award for partnership working to address mental health inequalities in Lambeth

31 Mar 2023
Health inequalities
mental health

A South East London’s borough’s Culturally Appropriate Peer Support and Advocacy (CAPSA) service is the winner of the HSJ Partnership ‘Best Not for Profit Working in Partnership with the NHS’ 2023 award.

This award recognises the importance of Lambeth’s Local Care Partnership working together around the co-design of this service to address mental health inequalities.

South East London Integrated Care System is committed to tackle health inequalities

Our Integrated Care System has an overarching objective ‘to tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access’ to health and care services across South East London.

This model is based on partnership working, bringing together the range of skills and resources in our public services and our communities. It is also based on trust and giving partners in our system the power to improve their services and working in partnership with our service users.

To further the objective of tackling inequalities, yesterday South East London Integrated Care Board launched a suite of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion reports. This also highlights the commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, both for our patients and workforce.

Lambeth’s Culturally Appropriate Peer Support and Advocacy service

CAPSA is a partnership between Black Thrive Lambeth and Lambeth Together’s Living Well Network Alliance focusing on mental health in adults. This is a great example of the power of working in partnership with users can improve services.

As a Black-led peer support and advocacy service it is co-designed by Black community members within Lambeth with lived experience of mental health services. It works to raise awareness of service users’ and carers’ experiences of anti-Black racism and other forms of oppression faced by service users and staff.

The HSJ partnership judges said:

“This winning project is a perfect example of peer support with co-production at its best, done for the benefit of the communities. The value of the partnership is clear, promoting a non-medical approach.”

Dr Shola Apena Rogers, Interim Programme and Partnerships Manager (Adult Mental Health) at Black Thrive said:

“The HSJ Partnerships Award recognises the CAPSA team’s commitment to ensuring that Black people from all backgrounds receive the care and support they need in a way that is culturally appropriate and sensitive. The award also highlights the importance of culturally appropriate healthcare and the power of the right partnership, which centres around lived experience.”

Read more about the Lambeth Together, the Local Care Partnership in Lambeth, here.