These guidelines have been developed to support primary care clinicians in the diagnosis of malnutrition and appropriate prescription of oral nutritional supplements (ONS). These guidelines aim to help support clinical and cost effective prescribing.

The identification, treatment and management of malnutrition in adults, including the appropriate prescription of oral nutrition supplements

Product guidance

In conjunction with the above guidelines a preferred list of ONS has been devised. The traffic light status should help to support appropriate prescribing. Green status indicating preferred products to prescribe, amber second line options and red status identifying products that should only be prescribed under specialist, dietetic advice where a green or amber status product is not suitable.

Clinician resources

These resources can support clinicians in diagnosing and assessing malnutrition risk.

Local dietetic teams

Please use the below referral forms to refer to your local borough dietetic service

Patient resources

These are resources that can be given to patients.

Useful websites

SEL Adult Nutrition video

South East London Integrated Care System

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