Involving Bromley people and communities is important to us because they help us improve all aspects of health care, including patient services, safety, experience and health outcomes – giving people the power to live healthier lives.

Please join us and help make a difference.

Bromley is part of south east London, a wonderfully vibrant area made up of many different communities of people.

To help us improve and transform services so they work for Bromley residents, we must understand what is important to different people. To do so, we need to listen to people’s experiences and views of health and care. This also means we can better address health inequalities, which are unfair and systematic differences in health between different groups of people.

Join the conversation to give us your views on Bromley and wider south east London services.

Let’s talk health and care


Join our Bromley Community Champion programme and Patient Network

Involving Bromley residents in the work we do is critical. It provides us with valuable information about what is working well and what needs to be improved.

There are lots of ways in which you get involved.  You can join the One Bromley Patient Network to get regular updates on our plans and share your views and experiences of local services, feedback on our plans and get involved in our work. To register email us at

Our One Bromley Community Champion programme is made up of residents who support our work by sharing important information about health and care services with their friends, families, neighbours and local communities. Read our first activity report.

If you enjoy helping others and have some time to spare, why not join us?  You can get involved as much or as little as you can manage. Check our role description and registration form.

For more information please text or call 07824 503760 or email:

Opportunities to get involved

Current opportunities to get involved in Bromley services are promoted on our Let’s Talk Health and Social Care website.

Let’s talk health and care in Bromley

If you join our patient network or become a community champion, you will get information on a range of opportunities to have your say.  Many of our patient reps have helped us on procuring new services, developing new pathways of care, sharing their experiences and views on our plans.




Read how we are involving people in Bromley

Reports on our engagement activity provide more information on how Bromley residents have helped inform and influence our work and shape service delivery.   Please click on a report to read it.

One Bromley Communications and Engagement Activity report for 2023 – 2024

One Bromley Community Health Champions Report December 2023

One Bromley Communications and Engagement Activity Report for 2022 – 2023

Bromley Urgent Treatment Centres Procurement – Public Engagement Report February 2023

One Bromley C&E – End of year report 2020 – 2022 

Working with people and communities

The ICS has developed its approach to working with people and communities which was approved at the Integrated Care Board meeting on 1 July 2022.

Read our approach