The following videos provide some simple ideas on how you can get the most nutrition from the food and drinks you are having.

If you are struggling to meet your nutritional requirements, you can fortify meals, side dishes and drinks by adding extra calories and protein.

These videos, which are less than 2 minutes long, will show you how. You can also watch and share all the videos on our YouTube channel.

Allergy advice: please be aware, these recipes may contain common allergens. Some of the recipes below include lactose, nuts, gluten or soya. You can substitute with safe alternatives where necessary.

Fortified Milk

Malted Honey Drink

Virgin Pina Colada

Chocolate Banana Milkshake

Fruit Boost

Compact Super Shake

Cream Shots

Peach Yoghurt Smoothie

Dream Coffee

Super Soup

Enriched Soup

Smashed Potato

Creamy Guac

Salmon Pate

Creamy Rice Pudding

Berry Nice Porridge