Update on Clover Health Centre

15 May 2023

The Clover Health Centre at Equitable House Woolwich will be closing.

This is expected to happen at the end of September 2023. To ensure a smooth transition for patients, we will be contacting them and providing support to transfer their registration to other local GP practices before the Health Centre closes. Each patient will receive a letter informing them of the closure and guiding them on how to register with an alternative practice. Patients will have the freedom to choose the practice they wish to register with, and many may opt for a practice closer to their home.

We are confident in the capacity of Greenwich GP practices to accommodate the increased number of patients. They have expressed their willingness to take on this responsibility. We will collaborate with Healthwatch Greenwich and the Local Medical Committee to develop a plan that provides additional support during the registration process, particularly for the most vulnerable patients.

We understand that this news may raise concerns among patients and local residents, and we recognise the importance of accessible GP practices for everyone. We are committed to supporting our GP practices, and are investing in more staff, and facilities to help improve patient experience.

Clover Health Centre has been operating under a five-year contract that is set to expire on 30 September 2023. Unlike most GP practice contracts, which are ongoing, this contract was subject to regular procurement processes due to its origin as a former walk-in centre. After careful consideration, the NHS South East London Integrated Care Board (ICB) has decided in the long term interests of patients and the local health and care system, not to extend the contract or initiate a process to find a new provider. A formal re-procurement process to identify a new provider was not a viable option due to the small patient list size. The 5,400 patients registered live all across the borough, and beyond, and less than 2,000 of the current patients live within a mile of Clover Health Centre.

The Clover Health Centre also plays a role in supporting the healthcare needs of our 11 Care Homes. To ensure continuity, a separate contract will be established for an integrated health and care offer that enhances the healthcare services provided to our Care Home residents.

For further inquiries, please contact greenwich.primarycare@selondonics.nhs.uk

Further information for Clover Health Centre patients.