The Clover Health Centre will close on Friday 29 September 2023.

The primary care services that have been provided at the Clover Health Centre will come to an end at 18.30pm on Friday 29 September. Patients will no longer be able to access medical services after this time.

The reason for the closure is that the contract is coming to its end and after careful consideration, it was decided not to renew this service. We understand that this news may cause concerns, but we would like to reassure you that there are other surgeries available who are taking new patients. We are confident that other Greenwich GP surgeries can accommodate all patients registered at Clover.

You need to register with another GP surgery of your choice that covers your home address, as soon as possible and before 30 September 2023. Below are some frequently asked questions and the answers to help guide you.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to wait until 30 September 2023 to register with another practice?

No – you can register with another surgery as soon as you like. We suggest you register with another surgery if possible before 30th September 2023 so there is no break in your ability to access care. However, if you do not register before that date, it will not affect your right to register with another surgery.

Do I need to arrange my own registration with a new surgery?

Yes, in most cases you do. Below are a list of surgeries which have capacity and are close to the Clover Health Centre site. There may be others nearer to where you live. You should contact the surgery with which you would like to register directly and ask them to register you.

The practice you choose will need to check that you live within their catchment area . They will ask you to complete a registration form giving details such as your name and address, date of birth, your NHS number (if you know it) and the name and address of your previous GP. Registration with a surgery can be done in person or online.

Do I have to register with one of the surgeries on the list below?

No, you can register with any surgery if you are in their catchment area. You can find a surgery near you using the NHS website. This website provides useful information and reviews to help you make your decision, or you may prefer to visit the local surgery of your choice directly. Staff at those practices will be happy to answer queries and support you through the registration process. If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the NHS Customer Helpline on 0300 311 2233.

Will there be any changes to the services offered to me at another surgery?

All GP surgeries are required to provide essential services to patients. However, it is possible that there may be some local variation to services and your are advised to review the NHS website to decide which surgery best meets your needs.

What will happen to my medical notes and information?

Your electronic medical records will be transferred securely to your new surgery when you register.

What about my prescriptions?

Your electronic medical records will transfer to your new surgery. This includes your nominated pharmacy for collection of prescriptions and staff in your new surgery will be able to access notes about any previous repeat prescriptions.

How do I contact other local surgeries?

Below is a list of other surgeries which have capacity and are close to the Clover Health Centre site but there may be others nearer to where you live. You can call them to check if you are within their catchment area or visit the surgery.

Surgeries Distance
Address Phone Number
Ferryview Health Centre 0.3 25 John Wilson Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 6PZ 020 8319 5400


Triveni PMS 0.4 Escreet Grove Surgery, Escreet Grove, Woolwich, London, SE18 5TE. 020 8854 0157


Triveni PMS 0.6 34 Plumstead Common Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 3TL 020 8854 0229
Thamesmead Medical Associates 0.6 Heronsgate Medical Centre, Goosander Way, London, SE28 0ER 020 8333 5051
St Marks PMS 0.7 24 Whottesley Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 3EP 020 8854 6262
All Saints Medical Centre 0.8 13a Ripon Road, Plumstead, London

SE18 3PS

020 8854 3964
St Marks PMS 0.8 Nightingale Surgery, 19 Milward Walk, Woolwich, London, SE18 4DQ. 020 8854 7685


Waverley PMS 0.8 The Waverley Practice, 37 Waverley Crescent, Plumstead, London, SE18 7QU 020 8102 2324


Conway PMS Practice 0.8 44 Conway Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 1AH 020 8854 2042

Can a surgery refuse to let me register with them?

A GP surgery can refuse registration if they are not accepting new patients or if you live outside their practice boundary.

They can also refuse registration if you live outside their area and require extra care or if you have been previously removed from their patient list.

In case of refusal, the surgery must provide a written explanation within 14 days.

Do I need ID and proof of address?

No ID, NHS number, or proof of address is required for registration.

Some surgeries may ask for supporting documentation to locate or transfer your medical records.

If you don’t have a permanent address, you can register using a temporary address or the GP surgery’s address.

What do I do if I need more information or some help?

We have arranged for Healthwatch Greenwich to provide support to patients to register with an alternative surgery. They will be based in the Clover Health Centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 4.30pm starting on 3 July. You can just walk in and talk to them during these times. Alternatively, please message them on or phone Healthwatch on 0790 3685 534.

You can also speak to the team at Clover Health Centre on 020 8331 0567.

What do I do if I am worried about how this affects me?

We would like to invite you to share your feedback on how these changes will affect you and what we could consider, to reduce any impact on you. If you have other concerns, please contact our team by the end of July by emailing or calling 020 8176 5755.

When should I move surgery?

Ideally you will register with another surgery as soon as possible and before 30th September 2023 so there is no break in your ability to access care.

What about a pharmacy?

If you have a nominated pharmacy to collect your prescriptions from this will transfer with your electronic medical records to your new surgery. This means you won’t have to do anything and any prescriptions from your new surgery will go to the pharmacy you usually use.

If you would like to change the pharmacy that your prescriptions go to you can do this by talking to the staff in your new surgery.

Can you use any pharmacy with any surgery?

Yes. You can choose to have your prescriptions sent to any local pharmacy.

If you would like to change the pharmacy that your prescriptions usually go to you should speak to the staff in your new surgery.

How long will it take to become a new patient?

When you have completed the forms you are usually registered as a patient with your new surgery within a few days. However it can sometimes take up to 28 days for your medical records to transfer to your new surgery.

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