Integrated Care Partnership

Information about meetings of the Integrated Care Partnership held in public

The ICP provides a forum for NHS leaders and local authorities to come together, as equal partners, with important stakeholders from across the system and community.

Together, the ICP has developed integrated care strategy to improve health and care outcomes and experiences for local people, for which all partners will be accountable.

The public are welcome to attend the meetings of the partnership in public or follow online. The details below list upcoming meetings, how to join online or attend, and papers, recordings and questions and answers from previous meetings.

For details of other public meetings in south east London such as the NHS Integrated Care Board check our meetings and papers page

Next Integrated Care Partnership meeting - 25 July 2024

The South East London Integrated Care Partnership will meet at 2pm on 25th July 2024. Further details will be published here shortly.

Future Integrated Care Partnership meetings in public

Date Time Proposed Location
ICP meeting in public 25 July 2024 2.00pm tbc
ICP meeting in public 30 October 2024 2.00pm tbc

Previous ICP meetings - papers, questions and recordings

Date Papers Q&A Recording Location held
ICP meeting in public 8 February 2024 Papers Q&A watch Bromley Central Library
ICP in public 26 October 2023 Papers Q&A watch Lambeth Town Hall
ICP in public 24 July 2023 Papers none watch Coin St SE1 9NH
ICP in public 25 April 2023 Papers Q&A watch Bromley Central Libary
ICP in public 26 January 2023 Papers Q&A watch Coin St SE1 9NH
ICP in public 22 November 2022 Papers Q&A watch Online

About the ICP meeting - Terms of Reference and membership

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