Career options. Where to begin.

There are lots of ways in which you can work in health and social care and develop your career or role. We have developed a framework that provides you with ideas for the skills and experience you will need and can develop.

Volunteering & Work Experience

If you are new to health and social care, or have lived experience, but want to try it out before you apply for a role, it might be useful to do some work experience or volunteering. Most of these roles are unpaid, although some may pay necessary expenses.

Useful topics to look at are the values we are looking for in our workforce.


Apprenticeships normally last between 12-24 months and are a great way to be paid for work and gain a qualification at the same time. Some organisations also offer apprenticeship degrees and this again is a great way to work and study in a role you will then become qualified for.

Useful topics to look at are the skills, experience and values required and how a career may be structured.

Develop your role

If you are already working in health and social care but want to expand your role or knowledge and/or consider a move to a different role, or undertake a professional qualification you may want to look at the full framework and read the section on Supporting your personal and career development.

Applying for a role

A lot of roles in health and social care, including local authority and voluntary sectors advertise their jobs on line. You are like to have transferrable skills which we are looking for.

Useful topics to look at in the framework include the recruitment process, skills, experience and values we are looking for which may help with your application.

Career and recruitment resources

How do I use the Skills Framework

The skills framework can be used by existing employees to self assess their existing skills and experience in their current role to support their personal development.

The skills framework can also support your career development, whether this is to look at other career options in a different role, or to support you to develop in your existing role and helping you to identify what training and development you may wish to consider.