Implementing the Mental Health Careers and Skills Framework and Resources

The Mental Health Careers and Skills resources have a number of ambitions:

  • Attract applicants from diverse backgrounds
  • Retain and develop the existing workforce
  • Support staff to provide the best care and tackle health inequalities for our service users

As a leader you can use the resources to achieve these objectives within your organisation. You can read examples of how other organisations have used the Framework on the recruitment page.

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Supporting recruitment Work Experience

  • Widening Participation
  • Developing the current workforce
  • Future workforce requirements

Supporting on-boarding/ induction & training

  • Promote cultural competency and reduce discrimination
  • Enhance supervision process for new recruits
  • Working with education teams to embed the framework

Supporting development, upskilling and retention

  • Self assessment
  • Identifying training needs to aid retention
  • Identifying support mechanisms

Supporting service development and transformation

  • Setting standards for service delivery
  • Use to support other workforce initiatives
  • Support integrated working and MDT