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SEL COPD inhaler pathway has been ratified by SEL IMOC and is live on the ICB website here. (8 May 2024)


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Acting on health inequalities and rebuilding trust in the health system

Launching our first project in partnership with Impact on Urban Health

26 Mar 2024
Celebrating outstanding achievements at the One Bromley Recognition Awards

Staff from across Bromley’s health, care, and voluntary services came together to celebrate teamwork, collaboration, and partnership at the One Bromley Recognition Awards 2024. Held on 16 May, the awards recognise exceptional staff and teams whose dedication, compassion and resilience are inspiring. Dr Andrew Parson, Clinical Lead for the One Bromley Local Care Partnership, and […]

22 May 2024
Partnership Southwark Strategic Board meeting – 11 January 2024

This is the meeting of the Partnership Southwark Strategic Board. This board is made up of representatives from organisations within Partnership Southwark as well as representatives from the community in the borough. The meeting will be held in public and people and communities from the borough are welcome to attend and ask questions. The meeting […]

6 June 2024
4:00pm - 4:30pm
Virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams - link to be posted closer to the date
Infected Blood Inquiry – concerns surrounding blood safety

The final report of the Infected Blood Inquiry, led by Sir Brian Langstaff KC, was published on Monday 20 May 2024. This independent public statutory inquiry was established to examine the circumstances in which men, women and children treated by national health services in the United Kingdom were given infected blood and infected blood products, […]

21 May 2024


CESEL February 2024 bulletin, available Newsletter-Feb-24.pdf

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