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Every day, digital and data help to transform the lives of patients across London. Using digital technologies can improve an individual’s experience of receiving care. It can also help provide patient access to knowledge and education about a health condition. At the same time health and care data can help improve the care outcomes and tackle health and care inequalities.

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Moses story 

Juggling a busy lifestyle 

After seeing his GP, Moses started a 10-week online course which covered different topics, mainly diet, lifestyle, exercise and mental health and wellbeing. There was also a course booklet where Moses could add in his thoughts and a fortnightly mid-week check.

While Moses was referred by his GP, anyone can also refer themselves to the course just by going online at

The course started in March 2020, at the same time as the first wave of the Covid pandemic spread across the country, so all the classes over the 10 weeks were held online.  Providing digital access to education courses allowed Moses to learn vital information about diabetes and its impacts. At a time when the in-person services were limited, and the NHS was under considerable demand the use of a digital platform enabled Moses to still receive valuable health information when he might otherwise have not. Digital courses allow people to work and learn in their own time which is vital when people have busy work and personal lives. While this meant that there was never the chance to meet anyone on the course face-to-face, it did mean that the service could still go ahead safely while the country was in lockdown….


News, stories and events

Unveiling South East London ICB’s first Equality Delivery System 2022 report

Today, we publish South East London ICB’s first Equality Delivery System (EDS) 2022 report. The Equality Delivery System 2022 (EDS22) is more than just another acronym – it represents a dynamic framework dedicated to ensuring that equality and diversity remain at the forefront of our organisational ethos. EDS22 is an evidence-based quality improvement requirement mandated […]

28 Feb 2024
New Musculoskeletal (MSK) Community Day tackles muscle and joint pain and boosts wellbeing

The first of our relaxed and informal MSK Community Days for people living with musculoskeletal conditions — that featured a Conversation Café, among other innovations — attracted over 130 Lewisham residents (22 February). The event, which took place in the St Lawrence Community Centre in Catford, was a chance for people on a routine MSK […]

26 Feb 2024
NHS to roll out ‘Martha’s Rule’

The head of the NHS has today announced the rollout of ‘Martha’s Rule’ in hospitals across England from April, enabling patients and families to seek an urgent review if their condition deteriorates.

21 Feb 2024