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Every day, digital and data help to transform the lives of patients across London. Using digital technologies can improve an individual’s experience of receiving care. It can also help provide patient access to knowledge and education about a health condition. At the same time health and care data can help improve the care outcomes and tackle health and care inequalities.

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Moses story 

Juggling a busy lifestyle 

After seeing his GP, Moses started a 10-week online course which covered different topics, mainly diet, lifestyle, exercise and mental health and wellbeing. There was also a course booklet where Moses could add in his thoughts and a fortnightly mid-week check.

While Moses was referred by his GP, anyone can also refer themselves to the course just by going online at

The course started in March 2020, at the same time as the first wave of the Covid pandemic spread across the country, so all the classes over the 10 weeks were held online.  Providing digital access to education courses allowed Moses to learn vital information about diabetes and its impacts. At a time when the in-person services were limited, and the NHS was under considerable demand the use of a digital platform enabled Moses to still receive valuable health information when he might otherwise have not. Digital courses allow people to work and learn in their own time which is vital when people have busy work and personal lives. While this meant that there was never the chance to meet anyone on the course face-to-face, it did mean that the service could still go ahead safely while the country was in lockdown….


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Net Zero Week: delivering sustainable healthcare in south east London

In 2020, the NHS became the first national health system in the world to commit to delivering net zero. The NHS accounts for around 4% of the UK’s carbon emissions, so we have a significant role in meeting the net zero targets under the Climate Change Act. For emissions that the NHS can control directly, […]

06 Jul 2024
Information on the Synnovis cyber attack

On 3 June, Synnovis, a pathology laboratory which processes blood tests on behalf of a number of NHS organisations, primarily in South East London, was the victim of a cyber attack. For the latest updates on this, please see this dedicated NHS England website. You can also see the latest impact statement, published by NHS […]

05 Jul 2024
Celebrating Windrush Day

Saturday 22nd June marks Windrush Day – 76 years since the HMT Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in Essex. The arrival of the Windrush generation is closely linked to the NHS, which was created just two weeks after the Empire Windrush’s arrival. The Windrush generation, both then and today, has played a crucial role in […]

20 Jun 2024