Our vision is to develop a vibrant and diverse community of system leaders in the interests of our patients, population, and workforce.

We want to enable an environment where system leadership in south east London is an impactful, rewarding and joyful experience.

We want to support our leaders to work across boundaries and help them to develop, learn and thrive – putting their expertise at the centre of how decisions are made and enacted across the system in the interests of our patients and population.

We believe there is an urgent practical need and moral imperative to support our leaders to work and lead in the new, more collaborative and systemic ways we are asking and need of them.

The South East London System Leadership Academy has been developed to provide a range of offers available to everyone working in the health and care sector in south east London. Currently we have three offers:


A growing developmental community of systems leaders with a mission to increase the number and quality of connections across boundaries in service of working together to deliver kinder, more equitable care for south east Londoners

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Support to spread and scale a successful innovation, beginning with a three-day team-based course, run for up to 100 people three times per year in partnership with the Billions Institute and Dragon's Heart Institute

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An eight-month in-depth programme, designed to support 30 upcoming system leaders across the Integrated Care System (ICS). The programme has been tailored to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and mindsets necessary to succeed as system leaders

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We are continuing to co-develop our Academy in partnership with colleagues from across the system, expanding our offers to best support our leaders.

We have also sought a wealth of insight from leading experts in the UK and internationally who have informed and contributed to our offers.

For more information, please contact SELSystemLeadershipAcademy@selondonics.nhs.uk