Our system leadership development programme, Collaborate, brings together 30 emerging leaders from across the South East London Integrated Care System (SEL ICS).


Key information about the programme

  • The focus of the programme is on system leadership and successful applicants make clear their motivation to play a role in the development of this in South East London, and not just a focus on personal leadership development more broadly. We encourage those who have applied for previous cohorts to apply again, ensuring this comes through in their application.
  • There are 30 places available on the programme
  • Duration of the programme is 8 months
  • Required time commitment per month is 1-2 days per month in person (see below) and up to a day a month outside of this for self-paced learning and group work.
  • Programme modules, site visits and the Immersive Experience adopt an in-person format, virtual alternatives will not be provided
  • As this is a highly experiential programme where participants work closely together as a cohort, to ensure the best possible experience and learning outcomes for all potential participants must be able to commit to all dates upfront when applying for a place
  • The next cohort of the programme will start in March 2024 and run until October 2024 and prospective participants must be available on the below dates:

image showing timeline for cohort 3


  1. Recruitment and on-boarding, Winter 2023/4;
  2. Programme launch, 6 March 2024;
  3. Module 1, 27 March 2024;
  4. Action learning projects;
  5. Mentoring;
  6. Site visits;
  7. Expert talks;
  8. Module 2, 2 May 2024;
  9. Module 3, 6 June 2024;
  10. Module 4, 10 July 2024;
  11. The Immersive Experience, 10-12 September 2024;
  12. Module 5, 2 October 2024;
  13. Close-out event, 24 October 2024;
  14. Alumni

Please note elements 4 to 7 (Action learning projects, Mentoring, Site visits and Expert talks) take place through the programme.

There will be a drop-in session for prospective participants in the week of 20 November. To receive an invitation to this please email selcollaborateprogramme@q5partners.com.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email SELSystemLeadershipAcademy@selondonics.nhs.uk

About Collaborate

In our South East London system, we are ambitious about our ability to make tangible change to the health and wellbeing of our population. Our Integrated Care System is a partnership, bringing together the full range of organisations responsible for publicly funded health and care services in South East London. We know that by working together, sharing intelligence and insight, and combining our resources we will deliver better services for people in South East London. Transitioning to the Integrated Care System will result in our 1.9 million residents receiving more personalised, efficient, enhanced and joined-up care for them and their families – and effective system leadership sits at the core of this process.

How are we developing leaders in South East London?

As part of the South East London ICS transformation, we are working on developing and connecting leaders across the system through community work, leadership development programmes and a focus on innovation. This work aims to enable leaders from across the system to build meaningful networks, gain a deeper understanding of the system, promote innovation, and build core leadership behaviours and mindsets to work effectively within the system.

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is an innovative new system leadership development programme that has been designed to ignite and cultivate system leadership capability within the South East London Integrated Care System (ICS). The programme achieves this by equipping participants with the key knowledge, skills, behaviours, and mindsets necessary to succeed as system leaders.

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Launch event

An in-person event which brings the group of 30 together to launch the programme and enable leaders to start to build connections across the system.

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In-person workshops to share expertise develop self-awareness, leadership mindsets and core behaviours through experiential learning, discussions and activities.

Icon of a person talking from a podium, on a grey background

Expert talks

Both within Collaborate modules, and through Ed Talks, hear from leading international health and care leaders on their insights into leadership, innovation and working in a system within the sector.

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Site visits

Participants visit other organisations, both within and outside the health and care sector, to gain new insights and inspiration to take back into their own role.

Icon of a man and woman with a protective helmet, on a light blue background

Immersive Experience

An opportunity to take 3 days out of London where expert external facilitator guide the cohort through an experiential offsite to equip leaders with the skills and mindset to thrive under pressure.

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Action Learning Projects

Small groups work on specific innovation projects set and sponsored by a Senior Leader.

Icon of a network of five people around one person, on an orange background

Cohort & alumni community

Throughout all elements of the programme, and between the formal touch points, the programme creates countless opportunities to form meaningful connections.

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Regular 1:1 mentoring sessions with Senior Leaders within the system.

Icon of someone pointing at a chalkboard, with three people listening, on a green background

Leader presentation

An in-person event at the end of the programme, which brings the group together to share learning.

What can you expect?

The inaugural cohort have recently completed the Collaborate programme – this is just some of what they have had to say about the experience:

  • “Truly incredible and inspiring speakers.”
  • “Amazing. Exhausting. Eye opening. Challenging.” (The Immersive Experience)
  • “Phenomenal, mind-blowing, life changing.”
  • “My takeaway: that is possible to create an integrated system that is people-centred and benefits all.”
  • “A thoughtfully designed and executed programme.”
  • “Great balance of engaging speakers and activity.”
  • “It is by far the best thing I have done professionally.”
  • “Profoundly powerful.” (The Immersive Experience)
  • “It’s been such a journey of discovery.”
  • “This programme is giving us the exciting opportunity to move our ideas from silos to systems, to build working relationships and to learn the craft of leadership.”
  • “Transformational for me personally and professionally.”
  • “So much more than I ever expected it to be.”
  • “There are things I will take from that probably for the rest of my life.”
  • “Personally I’ve found something within myself that I didn’t really know was there.”

You can hear more from past participants by watching these videos:

Key learning outcomes

This programme covers a broad range of healthcare and leadership topics. Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of system transformation through international best practice in healthcare leadership
  • Build long-term connections with leaders from across the system
  • Learn how to foster creativity and psychological safety
  • Develop a greater tolerance for change and ambiguity
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate change and innovation to different audiences

What are the criteria to join Collaborate?

This programme targets all leaders within our system. The ideal candidates will demonstrate a track record of innovative leadership, are energised by leading change at system level, and have proven ability to question and challenge the status quo.

We will be looking for a drive for innovation, your ability to lead with compassion, a growth mindset and motivation to lead and be a part of the wider South East London system.

We will also be looking for candidates who take accountability for their own development – ensuring they are able to commit to the time required by the programme, come with an open and proactive approach and a mindset to take every opportunity to make the most of this unique opportunity.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email SELSystemLeadershipAcademy@selondonics.nhs.uk


The inaugural Collaborate Cohort, May 2023

The first Collaborate cohort, May 2023