Our People Strategy sets out an ambitious case for change. We want our staff to feel valued, supported and encouraged to work collaboratively as “one workforce” helping drive innovation and the delivery of more joined-up health and care services for our communities in south east London.

Five ICS workforce priorities: 1) Strategic Workforce Planning; 2) Driving training and education; 3) Promoting south east London as a great place to work; 4) Embedding a culture of inclusion and wellbeing; 5) Enabling innovation.

This strategy has been developed in collaboration with health and social care partners from across our system. Building on their contributions and insights, we have developed a comprehensive picture of the workforce challenges we face and established the key priorities that will guide our work over the next five years. Read the ICS People Strategy here.

Our ambitions

We will drive innovation by harnessing emerging technologies and developing new ways of working. Our “one workforce” approach is central to our case for change; enabling more collaboration across our system, better joined-up care and improved efficiency.

The last few years have been the toughest ever for those working in health and social care, so we must redouble our efforts to retain our staff by better supporting their health and wellbeing and ensuring they feel valued. Key to this is improving equality.

South east London is a great place to live and work and features some of the most diverse and vibrant communities anywhere in the world – something we are extremely proud of. Many health and care providers are ‘anchors‘ in their communities – providing social and economic stability through secure jobs and local investment.

Evidence shows the health and wellbeing of a community is closely linked to economic factors such as employment. So, we are committed to developing and promoting the variety of pathways into health and care jobs and careers and dismantling the barriers facing those who are currently under-represented in our workforce.

In this way, we hope to encourage more local people from all backgrounds to join us and help improve the physical, mental and economic health of our communities.

Our priorities

Our five-year strategy is connected to a delivery plan and directs the activities of the SE London ICS People Programme Team. To help ensure a coherent and co-ordinated approach to fulfilling our commitments, there are five inter-connected and overlapping priorities which set the foundation for our plan.

There will be ongoing engagement with our partners and our workforce, patients and communities to ensure we are responding to their changing needs and making impact. So, the strategy is a ‘live’ document which we will continually review in response to this engagement.

To find out more about our ambitions and activities for each of these priorities, click on the links below.

Strategic Workforce Planning

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Driving training and education

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Promoting south east London as a great place to work

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Embedding a culture of inclusion and wellbeing

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Enabling innovation

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NHS Long Term Workforce Plan

The first ever NHS Long Term Workforce Plan considers the challenges facing the workforce over the next 15 years and sets out actions to address them.

We were pleased to note that the five strategic priorities we set out in our plan aligned well with the priority actions identified in the national plan.

Click here to learn more

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